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Does Charcoal Scrub Really Work?

   Everywhere you look, you can't help but see activated charcoal articles or posts. On your news feed, social media, blogs and just about everywhere else online, there it is! But the million dollar questions is, DOES IT WORK?    So first of all what is activated charcoal? Activated charcoal is simply charcoal used for medicinal use derived from organic products such as coconut shells. It's much less porous than regular wood charcoal and treated to make sanitary for consumption. Charcoal has been used in civilization for thousands of years. Much more recently, during World War I, charcoal was used to create chemical masks to detoxify air for soldiers who were exposed to chemical gases. It was then discovered that...

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Dentist Power and Precision Whitening

No two people in the world have the same dental fixation. Our whitening systems are designed to custom fit each bite by molding to your unique occlusion. Our trays are easy to mold and fit snug to avoid any mess. We only use high quality 44% carbamide peroxide gel  (same as a dentist office) to get your teeth ultra white. Avoid products using pure peroxide gels as it is damaging to enamel and may cause sensitivity. Our carbamide peroxide (OTIC) gels keep teeth hydrated during the whitening process to keep teeth strong and free of harsh sensitivity. We hope you enjoy your bright new smile!

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Our First Blog!

Congratulations on your first home whitening system! We are a new company based out of Los Angeles now shipping world wide for FREE!!! Our mission? To make bright white teeth simple and affordable for everyone. No more heading to the dentist for an uncomfortable dreadful hour strapped to a chair with heavy equipment attached to your mouth. No more messy whitening strips that always seem to miss parts of your teeth and cause over sensitivity. And no more sensitivity on your wallet! We hope you enjoy your bright new smile! Give us a review and follow us on Instagram! Thanks for choosing Blu Fin Whitening! 

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