What is charcoal toothpaste?

What is charcoal toothpaste? Great question! However, first we must ask ourselves, what is the purpose of toothpaste? The first civilization known to use toothpaste is credited to the Egyptians in 5000BC. Ancient toothpastes were used to treat some of the same concerns that we have today – keeping teeth and gums clean, whitening teeth and freshening breath. The ingredients of ancient toothpastes were however very different and varied. Ingredients used included a powder of ox hooves' ashes and burnt eggshells, that was combined with pumice. The Greeks and Romans favored more abrasiveness and their toothpaste ingredients included crushed bones and oyster shells. The Romans added more flavoring to help with bad breath, as well as powdered charcoal and bark. The Chinese used a wide variety of substances in toothpastes over time that have included ginseng, herbal mints and salt.

Toothpastes were originally invented to fight bacteria, plaque and gum disease. Today, the same battle exists to keep our mouth persevered and healthy. Scientist are discovering that some of the most effective remedies for keeping our mouth in top shape are not man made chemicals, however organic matter our ancient ancestors used.

Because of these studies, Blu Fin Whitening developed charcoal toothpaste! Our toothpaste is derived from activated charcoal from raw coconut shells. Charcoal is a natural antibacterial which helps absorb toxins we find in our mouth. Brushing your teeth with charcoal toothpaste helps remove tough stains, kills bacteria and fights plaque and gingivitis. We omitted harsher chemicals such as fluoride, which are known to cause bone loss, muscle loss and fat gain. We test all our products to make sure we bring you effective and safe products for you and your children. We are proud to only sell animal cruelty free and harsh chemical free products.

Want to give it a try? Add a free charcoal toothpaste to your cart today! =)




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