What is Blu Fin?

.::Who We Are::. 

We are located in sunny Los Angeles where tans are in and bright white teeth are always in style. We were tired of hearing people complaining how much they pay for professional whitening and how painful and tedious the process was.

So we launched BLU FIN!

Now you can whiten your teeth from a variety of Blu Fin Whitening products. From powerful whitening gel trays to charcoal teeth scrubs to charcoal mint toothpaste. We hand pick and design all our products to make sure what you are putting in your mouth is not only effective but safe to use! 

The Blu Fin Whitening team is hard at work daily to bring you all the newest and most efficient ways to protect your teeth and gums. With the rising amounts of sugar intake around the world we vow to bring you ways to combat cavities and gingivitis while maintaining your natural and precious smile!




Questions? Ask us how we can make you smile today!

Email: info@blufinwhitening.com

Phone: 800-313-5126

222 W 6th St Suite 400

San Pedro Ca 90731