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Pro Series Teeth Whitening Kit- Mint

Pro Series Teeth Whitening Kit- Mint

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Teeth Whitening Gel Kit. 10-12 Shades Whiter Teeth in 5 days or your money back!!

Blu Fin Whitening presents to you our Pro Series Teeth whitening kit. Brushing teeth and flossing daily can only go so far. Some stains penetrate into the enamel and can only be whitened by bleaching (Google it). So we bring you the safer way to whiten teeth to that celebrity looking smile. 

White is our specialty and its what we do best! Our whitening kit comes equipped with 3 hard working gel syringes that will whiten far beyond your natural smile. 

Simply add a small amount of gel to the the mouth piece attached to the LED lamp, bite and turn on light for 20 minutes. Rinse. BOOM! You're done! 


Whats included?:

3- 44% Carbamide Peroxide (Safer than hydrogen peroxide) gel syringes

1- Super duper strong LED gel accelerator lamp (Batteries included duhh)

1- Universal fitting mouth piece

1- Step by Step instruction guide

1- Travel kit box. 



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